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Buchtipp: Degrowth and Tourism

Bei Taylor & Francis Group ist zum Jahreswechsel das Buch „Degrowth and Tourism.  New Perspectives on Tourism Entrepreneurship, Destinations and Policy“ von C. Michael Hall, Linda Lundmark und Jundan Jasmine Zhang erschienen:

The sustainability of tourism is increasingly under question given the challenges of overtourism, COVID-19 and the contribution of tourism to climate and environmental change. Degrowth and Tourism provides an original response to the central problem of growth in tourism, an imperative that has been intrinsic within tourism practice, and directs the reader to rethink the impacts of tourism and possible alternatives beyond the sustainable growth discourse. […]
This book offers significant insight on both the implications of degrowth paradigm in tourism studies and practices, as well as tourism’s potential contributions to the degrowth paradigm, and will be essential reading for all those interested in sustainable tourism and transformations through tourism.
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Cover Degrowth and Tourism, (c) Taylor & Francis Group


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